Future srl

Installation and configuration of a web chat system in a call-center for a well-known phone company.
Installazione e configurazione di un sistema di web chat per due sedi distinte di un call center operante per nota azienda telefonica.

Extra srl

Software development and maintenance for corporate banking, public institutions and web-app for energy certification management.


SCAI spa

On-site consultancy for maintenance and development of a Liferay portal for a public organization.
Consulenza on site per lo sviluppo e la manutenzione di un portale J2EE in ambiente Liferay di un ente italiano per la gestione di convenzioni sanitarie e ricreative.

H2i srl

Development and mainenance of web applications in JEE for an Italian company operating in the energy sector.
Sviluppo e manutenzione in outsourcing di applicazioni WEB J2EE per la gestione della produzione energetica di una grossa società italiana del settore.
Technologies: Java J2EE
EasyBusiness Express for web-based administration

EasyBusiness Express for web-based administration

Administration and invoicing software for small business and free-lancers (for Italian market).
Includes online features for virtual offices.

addebitiMain features

  • Customer list management
  • Central multiuser access
  • Automatic VAT administration
  • Batch payments for different customers
  • Invoicing with customized invoices and documents
Online survey software

Online survey software

Online survay software for a local public institution to perform quality and customer satisfaction surveys.  Respondents are invited to take part to the survey by email with a unique code or are contacted by phone. The sofware manages both the online and the appointments calendar for phone surveys.