Online Web console for call-center

Online Web console for call-center

Project: Creation of a central database that allows our customer to do analyses and batch jobs while other systems keep smoothly running with their own databases. We keep this central and other databases synchronized with well tuned ETL software (Extract, Transform, Load). Developed with MySQL, SQL Server, Talend ETL and Squirrel.

Allow instant access to view, update and analyze caller data from
disparate locations. Keep geographically disparate and different
databases synchronized.

Customer: Our customer develops and delivers new media and phone services and employs several tens of employees.

With their head quarters in Hilversum, media capital of The Netherlands, and call centers elsewhere, they were
up to a challenge. How to keep all employees working on one dataset ?
And how can we allow external datasource to automatically contribute to the central database of customer information?

Solution Components
a) Central Database

In the middle of several databases (website, call center, and others), Solvedo has designed and developed a central database
that functions as a central point of synchronization. External systems contribute to our complete knowledge of the customer, and external systems get frequent updates from whatever we changed in the central system. In this way, we get a complete idea of who our customers are, and we have created a highly robust database landscape thanks to data replication between systems. Third, each external system gets only that piece of customer data that is needed for that particular system: no leakage of potentially sensitive information is an important aspect of any information system.

b) Web Application

On top of the central customer database, we designed and developed a user friendly web2.0 application with different user roles:
call agents can see who is calling and they can update caller information; headquarter personnel can create new customers and manage customer groups.